Guangzhou Tours | Guangzhou Travel

Guangzhou is not only a modern metropolis with numerous business chances, but also a city with colorful markets and abundant tourism sites. To fit your varied interests, budgets and schedules, we’ve divided our tours into 4 major categories: Wholesale Market Tours, Day Tours, Tour Packages and Extension Tours to nearby cities.

If you’d like to pay one day plunging into dozens of scaled wholesale markets, our Wholesale Market Tours covering garment, leather, furniture, crafts and IT products will lead you to the picking and bargaining with a local professional guide to advise your purchase. Or you can spend your day tasting several landmarks of the city with our well-chosen attractions in every Day Tour.

If you can afford more than 1 day touring your dream Guangzhou and even the surrounding cities, just come and join our colorful Tour Packages or Extension Packages. You’ll gain not only sightseeing but insight into Cantonese culture which Guangzhou is backed!